Chat Room Information
Please check out the following instructions if you would like to logon to my chat rooms (#ElHazardFF and #ElHazardRPG.) It's a chance to discuss El Hazard, fanfiction, anime and really any related topics.

Chat Room Guidelines
Please follow the following guidelines when chatting in #ElHazardFF or #ElHazardRPG.

A Brief IRC Command List
For those who are new to IRC chatting.



The chat room is an excellent place to discuss your fics and learn from some of the people already experienced in writing. It's also fun being able to discuss Anime, El Hazard and Fanfiction with people that share the same interest. You can ask fellow authors about their fics and possibly ask for advice on your own. (If you ask really nice) You can also voice your opinion LIVE to various authors and get real-time responses. I do ask that our patrons be mature and follow the Chat Room Guidelines. They will be generally followed.

Most days, meetings start around 8 PM EST and last late into the evening. (Depending on if people have work or school the next day) The room is always open though so feel free to visit anytime and strike up a conversation.

How Do I Enter the Chat Room?

From what I understand there are actually several ways to gain access to the chat room. I, however, only know of 2 at this time. I've only been able to get the first one to actually work on my system. But I'll go head and lay down both types just in case.

I. Chat Through An IRC Program
First, you're going to need to download an IRC program. I personally use mIRC. This one will give you the chance to try it out for 30 days and decide if you really like and want to use it. Once it's downloaded you can logon and connect up to DALnet. After you're on, just select to enter either of the following rooms: #ElHazardFF or #ElHazardRPG.

II. Chat through Telnet
This is one of the first means that Internet surfers could chat online. As such, it's a really old program and may not be supported by certain browsers. I really have no idea how this one works, but you're welcome to try it for yourself. If you would like to connect to telnet, click HERE.

A Few Familiar Faces in #ElHazardFF...

Several people have made their appearance in the chat room. A few of which are...

And hopefully more to follow... Hope to see you there.

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