A Brief IRC Command List
If you are new to IRC these commands should help you get acquianted with chatting in #ElHazardFF.


Command Description Example
/join <room> Command to join a particular chat room. /join #ElHazardFF
/me <action> Command to show you doing something. /me huggles Ifurita.
/nick <name> Command to change your nickname. /nick Prince
whois <name> Inquire as to someone's identity. /whois Davner
msg <name> Send a private message to someone. /msg Prince Hi there!
/chanserv help Get a better listing of commands and directions /chanserv help
/part <room> Command to leave a particular chat room. /part #ElHazardRPG
/quit <final message> Comand to completely quit IRC. /quit Thank you and Goodnight
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