Chat Room Guidelines
This is a short list of the rules and regulations governing conduct in #ElHazardFF and #ElHazardRPG.

I know, I know... Rules suck sometimes, but they are necessary as well - so I'll try and make this brief. This chat room was started to create a forum where authors and artists could meet and discuss El Hazard in relative peace. Anyone seen disrupting that peace will be dealt with accordingly. These guidelines will be generally followed by myself and the other Ops in the room.

That Which Is Frowned Upon...

The following are generally not allowed in the Chat Room. Violations of these rules will first result in a warning. Should the violations continue then the user will be temporarily kicked from the room. In extreme cases the violator will be banned from the room completely...


Any Commercial/Pornography advertising in the room is STRICTLY prohibited and will call for immediate kicking. Repeated violations will result in a ban from the room. Mentioning one's own site or story is generally allowed. Just try and keep from annoying people with it. I don't want someone just dropping in for 5 seconds to mention their site and leave.


This is a room for serious discussion. Anything that detracts from it is frowned upon. As such, the use of profanity is generally NOT allowed. Inappropriate behavior such as flaming or harassing someone is also looked down upon and will result in the usual disciplinary actions.

Useless Dialog/Scripting

Typing in a lot of useless crap just to have something up in the room is prohibited. Pointless sayings like "Is anyone out there" or "I'm bored" is unproductive and gets to be just plain annoying. If the room is silent for some reason then no one is in the mood to talk. I just ask that you be intelligent with your conversation and don't waste other visitors' time. Also be courteous and ask before pasting in large areas of text into the room.

Role Playing

Short spouts of role playing within the main room is generally allowed. Just so long as it does not detract from the debates that can occur. Lengthy role playing sessions should be taken to #ElHazardRPG - that's what it's there for.

Ops Status

First and foremost, do not ask me for Ops status for the room. That will be up to me and the other Ops in the room to determine who is deserving. Also , begging is really annnoying so please - Don't do it. And for those individuals that do have Ops rank, Please do not abuse that priviledge and insult people behind their back. If you do not like someone that let them have a chance to defend themselves, or get angry and leave.

Reporting Violations

If you find another's actions or words to be unbearable, please let the Ops staff know at the time if possible. If there are no Ops users available then please copy down the offensive dialog and send it to me or another Ops for future dealings.

Changes to these guidelines can be made at any time and should be followed accordingly.

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