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This page shows the different directions that you can go throughout this site. I highly recommend that you check this page out first before venturing further.

First and foremost let me say that this format was originally designed and implemented by Gensao on the TMFFA. Of the various fanfic sites that are out on the Internet, this format was by far the clearest and easiest to wade through as a visitor. If you have any suggestions or requests to change this format in future inceptions of the RRA, e-mail me and I'll take all ideas into consideration.

This site is divided up into four main sections: Regular, Crossovers, Lemon and Misc. Regular stories are the fics that deal strictly with the worlds and characters of El Hazard. Crossovers blend that of El Hazard and other anime series, cartoons, movies... or whatever. Lemon stories are intended for mature audiences. And finally, the Misc. section contains works that are difficult to qualify , such as Poems, spam fics and MSTs. The various stories will be sorted alphabetically by Author's last name within each chronological update.

Each fan fiction will have the following information. If an author has multiple fics or chapters, they will all be listed under their name.

FanFic Entry Example

Plain Example Real Example

Author Name (Author's E-mail Address)

  • "Fan Fiction Title"
    Short description of the story and other information.
    (K- file size) - (Date of release)

Davner (

All fan fiction on this page can be viewed in a simple text browser such as Microsoft Notepad, Write, or WordPad. Stories are formatted in the simplest format so they can be read on different computer systems. Even those last few 386's that are trudging along out there. If you have problems reading any fan fiction on this site please inform me. If you wish to submit your work, visit "How to submit a Fanfic"

My Comments on the Removal of FanFics

Although this has not happened to me yet, I have had several friends get requests that certain fanfics be removed from various archives. So, let me now say this now and forego any questions should the issue arise. I will not remove ANY story. The only way I will remove a story is if the author alone requests it. The following is list of the reasons why:

If you have a problem with someone's views or their work you can do any of the following:

Please understand that I am not trying to be a crusader of any sort. I do believe in the diversity of people's opinions and that they should be respected (even if we want to yell back at an idiot with a attention complex). Also remember that this is the world of FICTION, and these characters don't even exist past their voice actors. If something pisses you off, let the author know. But just understand that what you may hate, someone else might thoroughly enjoy. Just try and remember that this is all for fun in one way or another.

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