How To Submit a FanFic
This page lays down all of the necessary elements for submitting a fanfic to the archive.

If you have any fanfiction that contains material from the anime series El Hazard, I want to post it here. Please email me with your submission exactly like I have it listed below and I'll load it up.

You must include the following information that accompany each submission.

    1. Author's name
      (Real Name or Pen Name or both)
    2. Author's E-mail address
    3. Title of Story
    4. What Division of the archive it should be placed.
      (Reg, X-over, Lemon, or Misc)
    5. A short synopsis of what the story is about.
      (I reserve the right to adjust the synopsis in order to keep things short and to the point)

If you send me a fan fiction, please send it in ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) format. Also known as simple text. This can be accomplished by either copy and paste it in the E-mail message window or attach it as a simple MS-DOS text file. Many word processors allow you to save in the most simplistic format. Please, don't send me a fancy file format. The odds are, if I can not read it, neither can anyone else.

Another request that I have is that you watch out that the file is saved with line breaks. It gets to be extremely hard on the eyes when the reader has to constantly shift the screen back and forth to read the fic. I have had to stop reading several really good fics just because it was making me sick.

Also, I recomend that each submission contain a copyright message somewhere in the fic. You want to give credit where credit is due and it's best to protect yourself from any legal... unpleasantness.

I plan on making regular updates to the archive. But I do lead a rather busy life so every once-in-a-while it may take me up to a month to update the archive. But if I start slacking and it's been a while since the site's been updated then email me with an update request. I do work better when I know there are people out there waiting for me to do something. Just please keep it civil.

Thanks for your support and submissions.

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