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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Well, The RRA is now officially a year old and the archive is certainly a lot fuller than it was to begin with. There are several new chapters in the various archives and everything is sorted for easy searching. I'm also considering a second version of the RRA very similar to SO, if you haven't been there yet go check it out and let me know if it would be better. Right now, it's just an idea... I'm too freaking busy to really get into it anyways.

Also, Look for some picture changes in the next week or so. I figure the RRA could use some fresh pics since it's been up for a year. Please, keep contributing to the archive as things have really quieted down a lot over the past few months.

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The Window to El Hazard
El Hazard fics that deal purely with the Magnificent Worlds. No Crossovers, Lemons , or really weird material.

Introductory Fanfiction to the RRA
An Intro Fic written by Davner. This is a fun little read that I thought was hilarious.

Gateway to an Alternative World
Fan fics that combine the Magnificent world with other anime series, cartoons, movies... or whatever else happens to get dreamed up in someone's head.

Chat Room Information
My very own chat rooms setup for discussing fanfiction and role playing. Stop in and chat with fellow writers and readers.

Fatora's Bedtime Stories
Fanfics that are intended for mature audiences. Warning: this section should only be viewed by those 18 and over.

Site Format
Check this page out if this is your first time viewing the site.

Groucho's Corner
section containing fan fics that don't really fall into any other category. Typically they consist of poems, MSTs, spam fics and anything else of a "different" nature.

Site History
A running history of the amount of fics and pages that have been added to this site.
















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How to Submit a Fanfic
This page lays down all of the instruction for adding a fanfic to the Archive.
RRA Message Board
A discussion board for El Hazard, Fanfiction, Anime, or whatever else comes to mind.
Add a FanFiction Review
Rules and instructions for adding your own Fanfiction Review to the Archive. (Currently under Construction)
Roshtarian Royal Gallery
Art service dedicated to the cast and stories of El Hazard.
Here is a list of the most common ways to spell the names and places in El Hazard. (Currently under Construction)
60 x 60 Icons
My own list of message board icons using El Hazard characters and some of my own original characters.
Copyright Info.
All the fun legal stuff so I don't get sued. This is for fun after all.
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A Word of Thanks

I'd like to thank you all for visiting the RRA. This is the first version of the site and I hope to have a lot more fics in the near future so keep checking back for more updates.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank those that had a hand in the creation of this site. First I'd like to thank Davner, Cav and TAN for the hours of brainstorming to come up with the various names for the site and proofing this page. A BIG thanks goes out to Gensao for the TMFFA and the wonderful formats that he's come up with. I couldn't have even scratched the surface of this site if it weren't for him. Another big thanks goes out to Ssedrey for founding the chat rooms for this site.

I'd also like to thank my beloved wife for putting up with the many hours that I've been on this computer and neglecting her because of it. Love you, kitten.

Finally, let me thank ALL of the authors that have allowed me the chance to give their fics a home in cyberspace. I hope this site will become a favorite to many of you. I pray that this archive doesn't fall into nothingness as a lot of other EH sites have. So keep those fics coming! If anyone has a problem downloading the fics, linking to anything or if there are any suggestions, questions or general comments out there, please let me hear them. I'm VERY new to the web design business, so I'm bound to screw something up... Thanks again.

Jeff Rayder
AKA: The Prince of Light

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