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Art service dedicated to the cast and stories of El Hazard. You'll find the artwork is sorted alphabetically by Artist. Just click on a thumbnail to view the full-size image. All fanart is copyrighted by the individual artist. If anyone wishes to use the pictures located here - the artist MUST be contacted first. Thank you.


Dooky-chan (spookydooky@hotmail.com) NEW!!!
Cover art for Dooky's fanfiction series "The Adventures of Alielle and Fatora".
(File Size: 126K - Date: 12/15/2001)

Dooky-chan (spookydooky@hotmail.com) NEW!!!
A rare pose of the infamous duo at the shrine of Arliman in their no-less-infamous outfits.
(File Size: 141K - Date: 12/15/2001)

Dooky-chan (spookydooky@hotmail.com) NEW!!!
Here's a shot of Mari's cheerful side (cast member from "Shape of Things to Come").
(File Size: 96K - Date: 12/15/2001)

Dooky-chan (spookydooky@hotmail.com) NEW!!!
Ever wonder how Fatora measures up to Formyka? Here's a side by side comparison.
(File Size: 100K - Date: 12/15/2001)

Dooky-chan (spookydooky@hotmail.com) NEW!!!
I thought this was a really Sweet shot of Alielle and Fatora in Goth-wear.
(File Size: 170K - Date: 12/15/2001)

Dooky-chan (spookydooky@hotmail.com) NEW!!!
Ever want a CD of Sakura's music? Here's Dooky's take on the cover art.
(File Size: 92K - Date: 12/15/2001)

Dooky-chan (spookydooky@hotmail.com) NEW!!!
A complete look at the cast from "Shape of Things to Come".
(File Size: 189K - Date: 12/15/2001)

Batousaii Kawaii (stonecoldsamurai@hotmail.com)
Priestess of Fire, Shayla-Shayla, sketched in a more realistic style.
(File Size: 61K - Date: 06/19/2001)

Jeff "Prince of Light" Rayder (princeoflight@hotmail.com)
First phase of Katsuhiko Jinnai posing regally on a Bugrom balcony. (This was supposed to be a "cute" shot of Jinnai for Fish's benefit. ^_^
(File Size: 37K - Date: 06/19/2001)

Daniel "Ssedrey" Powell (ssedrey@hotmail.com)
The pencils and the completed sketch of Lord God Jinnai.
(File Size: 49K, 46K - Date: 06/19/2001)


Hopefully more artwork is on the way. If you wish to submit artwork for the archive, please follow the same basic rules as submitting a fanfic. Just send me an email with the artist, artist's E-mail, title and a short description. Thanks a lot.

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