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Any and all legal information that I've found to keep me from being sued... I hope.

First off let me say that this site is in no way geared towards making money. Fanfiction is for entertainment purposes only and by posting them out on the Internet we hope to entertain others that enjoy this medium. With that said, if you are really itching for that stimulating legal jargon here you go...

El Hazard is copyrighted 1992-2000 AIC * Pioneer LDC. All images, characters, locations, and anything that is directly derived from El Hazard is theirs. All rights reserved. Images used in this page follow the guidelines set by AIC.

All fan fiction works on this site are owned and copyrighted by their respective authors. Distribution of fan fiction is permitted free of charge. Fan fiction should not be posted without the consent of the author of the story. They own the copyrights to their story and must be respected. Reproduction or storage of materials retrieved from this service is subject to the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, Title 17 U.S.C.

The fan fiction on the Roshtarian Royal Archive is posted with the implicit and/or implied permission of the various fan fiction writers that have their works posted on this page. Please do not steal fan fics - plagiarism really pisses me off to no end, so don't make me send the Bugs to your house to eat you.

All crossover characters, worlds and depictions are copyrighted by their respective owners, too numerous to list here. Copyrights should be acknowledged in the fan fiction. Any copyrighted work that is not mentioned in this notice but is used in a part of this archive is copyrighted by their respective company.

I am not responsible for the stories, views, opinions or anything else that is represented by third party/individuals who are posted or linked to this site. I am simply the guy who puts it all together in one place for you to find. If anyone has a problem with the way a fic has been presented (in either its content or its legal ramifications) please take it up with the authors themselves.

I am not looking for any kind of a fight, so please just enjoy your stay here and understand that if I did screw something up it is more than likely on accident. If anyone has any questions or comments regarding the copyrights to this or any other page in the archive please do not hesitate to contact Jeff Rayder (AKA: Prince of Light)

Thank you and goodnight!

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