Here are some pics to send out to the masses and have colorful ways to link here on all of those wonderful sites that my friends have put together out there. A big thanks goes out to Seion for these great banners and getting this page off to a great start.


A Shayla-Shayla Banner
Designed by Seion

A Miz Banner
Designed by Seion

An Afura Banner
Designed by Seion

A Roshtaria Banner
Designed by Seion

A Makoto/Ifurita Banner
Designed by Seion

If you would like to submit a banner to the RRA please email me with your banner by clicking HERE. The few rules that I would like you to follow are as follows:

  1. Be Creative.
  2. The image needs to be 400 x 80 pixels.
  3. You should probably include the phrase "Roshtarian Royal Archive" and/or the URL.
  4. HAVE FUN.

If anyone would like to use the link on their website, I'm afraid you'll leed to save the image to your own site instead of sharing it from mine. Tripod seems to have a problem with linking from within their webserver. Sorry.

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